Lurgans lad (dex) for stud

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Published 23/11/2020
Name Lurgans Lad (Dex)
Breed Golden Retriever
Gender Male
Color Cream
Temperament Good natured
Date of Birth May 2014

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IKC RegisteredYes

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Golden Retriever At Stud!
Lurgans Lad!
Irish Kennel Club registered.
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'Dex' is a kind friendly and confident family dog with a great temperament. He is great with children. He has a hip score of 8 and he has a clear eye cert. (certificates can be inspected) He is from top quality bloodlines, Woodmore Ringo Starr and Seamourne Shock Waves, both being champion show dogs.
Producing large healthy litters of pups. Happy to keep travelling bitch in safe surroundings for repeat cover.
Contact John on: +353 879514038

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