Fram for stud

Ad Status Open
Price €190
Published 19/03/2019
Name Fram
Breed German Shepherd
Gender Male
Color White
Temperament Loyal
Date of Birth November 2013
LocationDublin, Dublin

Further details

IKC RegisteredYes

Message from the owner

By far the best dog I ever had. Fram is a pedigree IKC registered dog. He is very, very intelligent, brave, protective, loyal and very good with kids. He understands many words and short sentences and is very well trained. I have trained him myself even though I am not a professional trainer but I did read a few books on dog training. He is so smart that he winks at you when he wants something. I truly think it would be a pity not to pass his bloodline as he is such an amazing dog. I do not require a puppy from litter for now as Fram is still young. Please call on 0863603395 for any future arrangements or contact me via the website.

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