Virtual Credit Cards

Due to the higher level of fraud with virtual credit cards, we are no longer able to accept payments from these types credit card issuers. Virtual credit card companies, such as and, allow you to create multiple credit card numbers from a single account. These credit card numbers can be created for a one time use, which you can quickly dispose of afterwards. This is a tactic is actively employed by scammers to avoid detection.

These virtual cards are handy for being able to turn on and off credit card numbers, and to manage spending with vendors and to cancel cards in the event of a data breech.

List of blocked virtual card providers

Here is the list of virtual cards we currently block, if you use one of these cards you transaction is not likely to go through.

Payments made with these types of virtual credit cards are currently blocked from our system. Unfortunately, this also means that some legitimate users will also be blocked, through no fault of their own. We apologise in advance for this.

Prepaid credit cards

We are also not able to accept payments from prepaid credit cards, these also have a higher level of fraud associated with them.

Types of credit cards to use on

You will need to use a credit or debit card attached to a bank account, such as one of the major banks in Ireland:

  • AIB – Allied Irish Banks, plc
  • Bank of Ireland – The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland
  • KBC – KBC Bank Ireland PLC
  • Ulster Bank – Ulster Bank Ireland Designated Activity Company
  • TSB Bank – permanent tsb plc

We accept Visa / Mastercard debit and credit cards, as well as American Express (Amex), Discover cards. Generally banks in Ireland only issue Visa & Mastercard cards.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

We are in the process of rolling out Apple and Google Pay support, as well as browser saved cards. Note : the Apple Pay requires Safari browser.

Apple Pay & Google Pay buttons
Browser pay via stored cards

Updated on June 4, 2022

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