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Selling a pregnant dog

Dogs.ie does not accept ads for pregnant dogs.

Pregnancies are already a stressful enough time for a bitch, and changing their home location, owners and their environment will add unnecessarily additional stress on the mother. There are also worries around the competencies of anyone who may buy a pregnant dog, and whether they would have the knowledge to take care of such a dog properly. Each breed may have specific differences when it comes to whelping for example. Selling a pregnant bitch to someone who doesn’t have breed specific knowledge is far from ideal. The decision to breed dogs is not one that should be taken likely.

Mother feeding her puppies

Furthermore, it could be seen that selling a pregnant dog for sale is being opportunistic, and a way to increase any sale price of a dog to make the opportunity to buy a certain dog more attractive.

Should you find out that the dog you are selling has fallen pregnant, please contact support@dogs.ie

It is not allowed to list a pregnant bitch for sale on dogs.ie. We automatically check ads for certain keywords to help identify ads that may be against our terms and conditions. For these reasons ads with pregnant bitches will be removed from the site.

Updated on July 26, 2022

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