Seller verification

Currently sellers are asked for

  • email address
  • phone number
  • microchip chip numbers for their ads

These microchip certificate details need to be checked by the buyer when visiting a dog to cross reference information. We encourage all people to ask to see the sellers ID to confirm it’s their name on the certs.

Security next steps

In an effort to increase security, in the coming weeks we will be requesting further additional information:

  • Official ID (Passport or Drivers license photo)
  • Photograph of each of the microchip certs / application forms.

Official ID

Important: Your official ID is processed by a GDPR compliant data warehouse and is not stored by

We will use this information to check your name and that you are the person in the ID. When you have an official ID verified with we will also display this information in the ad. It will be in the form ‘Verified name of seller “John”‘

Microchip information

Each microchip will have additional information around it

  • sex of the dog
  • colour of the dog
  • status of being sold

This will give you more granular information about the individual dog for sale. Currently it’s only possible to list one colour for the dogs in a litter for example. Individual dogs that are sold from a littler can be marked as sold.

Updated on May 12, 2021

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