Laws on selling dogs

EU Laws

Irish Laws

There are four main laws in relation to selling dogs in Ireland. The 2010 act initiates an extension to the Amendment of Control of Dogs Act 1986, primarily around dog breeding establishments. The 2015 act covers items around microchipping provisions and covers the whole lifecycle of a dog from birth to death. The 2019 act has additional information when it comes to being a Registered Seller of dogs with the Department of Agriculture, a Registered Breeding Establishment with your local county council and the requirements for online and offline advertising of dogs for sale including microchip registration. The EU Animal Health law sets out provisions for breeder registrations.

Other important laws

There are of other laws around animal welfare which one should also be aware of, they cover some special cases like tail docking for example:

The Animal Health and Welfare act covers such things as baiting and dog fighting. Ear cropping, while not explicitly mentioned, has also been prosecuted against through the courts [link] through this act.

Tail Docking

The Prohibition on Tail Docking explains in what situations this procedure it may be allowed, and what time frame it is required to be preformed. Pointers, Spaniels and Terrier puppies may be docked before the age of 8 days old, but only in specific situations and it has to be preformed by a veterinary practitioner . More information can be found S.I. No. 125/2014 – Prohibition on Tail Docking (Dogs) Regulations 2014, from Simon Coveney the then Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

If such a tail docking has been preformed, evidence from the seller needs to be submitted before an ad is approved. This declaration from a vet outlines the reasons, and other information about the procedure. Special records of these sales are also required to be retained by the breeder.

Tail Docking and Dew Claw Removal Declaration example

Restricted breeds

There are also a number of breeds that have muzzling requirements which is covered in the The Control of Dogs Regulations 1998. You can read the the list of restricted breeds here. Mixed breeds with one or more of these dogs is also subjected to these laws, and this covers dogs of all ages, even as puppies.

Laws for sellers of dogs

We strongly recommend that all sellers of dogs read and understand their obligations under these acts for the sale of dogs, and buyers also to be aware of them as well. It is your obligation as a seller to know what laws effect you, and how they are enacted. When in doubt you can consult a legal professional or Garda for guidance, your vet may also be able to support you too.

Updated on August 31, 2021

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