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We employ a number of security measures to make sure that your experience on is as safe as possible. Some of these measures include:

  • We verify all users by email and by phone. Users can only have one account per phone number.
  • Users are asked about the breeder status (Private individual, registered seller, registered breeding establishment).
  • We monitor the user’s location via their IP address. Users that are not in Ireland are blocked.
  • All credit card transactions are cross-checked for fraud and for issuing banks again from Ireland. Due to the higher fraud rate, pre-paid credit cards are not allowed for paying for ads.
  • All user data is sent over HTTPS, login, user registration, etc.

For security reasons we can’t disclose all the measures we take, but should you come across the any ads that you may think are not genuine, please contact us.

Breeder status

There are three different types of sellers on

  • Private seller – typically someone who sells puppies irregularly and not more than 6 dogs in a year. If they sell more 6 or more they are required to be a Registered Seller.
  • Registered sellers – typically this is someone who breeds one or more litters a year, and sells or supplies 6 or more dogs in a calendar year. These users need to register with the Department of Agriculture and get a Registered Seller ID and include this with their ad by law. If they have 6 or more bitches of breeding age they are required to be a Registered Breeding Establishment.
  • Registered Breeding Establishments (RBE) – For breeders with 6 or more females of breeding age, a registration with the local county council is required. This registration comes with an inspection of the premises and other stipulations about the conditions the dogs must be kept in. These RBEs are required to include this number in all of their ads by law.
Updated on November 8, 2020

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