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Irish microchip databases

There are only 4 DAFM (Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine) approved microchip databases. These are:

If you have a dog in Ireland it is a legal requirement that your dog is listed on one of these databases. All of these databases share details with EuroPetNet about your registration status. This allows lost & found dogs to be easily identified across Europe.

DAFM approved microchip databases

In a 2016 press release Minister Micheal Creed announced the new microchip measures and the approved databases. You can view the full press release here https://www.agriculture.gov.ie/press/pressreleases/2016/december/title,104581,en.html

… the Minister noted that there are currently four authorised databases: Animark, Fido, The Irish Coursing Club and The Irish Kennel Club. An authorised database must provide a certificate which indicates the owner and provides a form for changes of ownership to be registered. Buyers and sellers are also required to indicate that they have verified the identity of the person they are dealing with. Commenting on this, the Minister said “If details are not correctly kept up to date, you will remain legally responsible for a dog you may have sold. This will encourage people to ensure registered details are up to date. ”

All 4 of these synchronise their data with EuroPetNet.

What if my dog is not listed on these databases

If your dog is not on one of the 4 approved databases (Animark, Fido, IKC or Irish Coursing Club) you can easily transfer it to an approved one. There is generally a small administration cost involved with this, less than €20 per microchip.

Transferring to an Irish database

You can easily transfer it for a charge to

This generally takes 1-2 business days, and subsequently your registration will appear on EuroPetNet.

In some cases databases are known to have processing delays, you can register your dogs on multiple databases should you wish.

Can I use X database ?

There are a number of non-Irish databases that we see from time to time, such as

The quick answer to this is, NO you cannot only use these for your microchip. Some of these are UK databases affiliated with EuroPetNet, and some of them are just independent databases that are not synchronised with any 3rd party system or may share with non-affiliated ones like petmaxx.com.

You have to transfer them to an Irish database that’s been approved by the Irish government. As of today there are only 4 that you can use, these are listed at the top of the help article.

Updated on November 25, 2020

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