Editing your for sale ad

It is possible to change the following information on your ad once it’s published

  • Title of ad
  • Price of dogs
  • Mark individual dogs in the ad as being FOR SALE / ON HOLD / SOLD
  • Update the images in the ad

To edit an ad, when you are logged in, go to My Ads > My for sale ads

Desktop menu

On Mobile phones you click the three bars on the right an then My Ads > My for sale ads

Mobile Menu

Locate your ad and click on the blue Edit button

For sale ads listing page

Marking individual dogs as sold

Here you can select for each dog / microchip to update the status from For sale / on hold

Dogs marked as sold will no longer show up in the searches. This is handy if you’ve sold all the male puppies and you want to avoid calls for people looking for a male puppy.

Closing an ad

If all dogs are sold you can click on the orange button “Mark as sold” to close your ad.

For sale ads listing page
Updated on April 12, 2022

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