Ear cropping of dogs

Ads with ear cropping or other modifications are not accepted on dogs.ie. Imported dogs with these modifications will also not be accepted.

Performing of these modifications such as ear cropping is purely done for cosmetic reasons, serves no purpose, and causes the animals a lot of pain and anguish throughout their entire lives. Dogs use their ears to communicate emotions to other dogs and humans.

For these reasons, ads with dogs that have their ears cropped / modified will not be accepted. Ads from sellers who post these ads will also be reported to the ISPCA or relevant authorities.

In 2007, the UK Kennel Club and in 2014 the Irish Kennel Club, banned dogs with cropped ears from participating in dog shows.

It is against the law to perform this surgery in Ireland and Europe. It’s important to note, it does not necessarily mean that all dogs you see on the streets with cropped ears have been done illegally, it is possible and legal, to import dogs into Ireland where these procedure was preformed legally abroad.

Note: It is still legal to crop ears of dogs in the US & Canada. Despite it being legal to own a dog that’s has had its ear cropped, dogs.ie will not publish ads of dogs where their ears have been cropped.

Ear cropping – Nyla’s owner was charged for animal cruelty in September 2021

How to spot cropped ears

Certain breeds tend to more frequently have their ears cropped, these include Doberman Pinschers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Boxers, even Great Danes, Boston Terrier and Schnauzers are sometimes cropped.

Examples of dogs with cropped ears

Cropped ears are more pointy and tend to always be up to look alert
After cropping ears tend be tapped in position which also causes pain
James Tavernier (Rangers football player) poses with an American bully dog with its ears cropped
Young puppy who has just has it’s ears cropped (in Belgium)

Dogs’ ears and emotions

Dogs’ ears can communicate whether they are relaxed, anxious, afraid. Here is a quick summary of possible positions and emotions that go along with them

No.Dog Ear PositionMeaning
1Neutral PositionA relaxed & happy dog
2Pricked/Attentive EarsAn attentive or focused dog
3Pricked/Alert EarsA dog on high alert
4Dropped Back/Pinned EarsA dog is both happy and nervous at the same time, maybe anxious
5Extremely Pinned EarsA fearful dog, cowering, very afraid
6Ears Changing PositionsA concerned or confused dog

Dew claw remove

One other possible modification to dogs is the removal of dew claws.

Note: it is still legal to perform tail docking in Ireland under certain controlled circumstances and only for certain breeds. These ads do require additional documentation before an ad can be published.


Updated on November 27, 2022

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