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Guide to advertising your dog for sale

Here is a video walkthrough of how you can advertise a dog for sale on dogs.ie. This short video will walk you through the steps and the terms and conditions attached to posting your dog for sale. The first step gathers all the information about your ad, you will then pay the ad fee and finally you will be able to upload images of your dog(s). Posting your ad should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Editing your ad advert it’s published

It’s important that you post accurate information about your dog. Certain parts of the ad cannot be updated once it’s published, including

  • Breed
  • Date of birth
  • Country of birth
  • Microchip numbers
  • Number & gender of dogs

Should you need to change some parts to fix a mistake you can contact us. It is not possible to add in or remove microchips once the ad is published.

Adding multiple microchips to your ad

You can add up to 14 puppies to a single littler (let us know if you need more!). Once you select the microchip database (Animark / IKC / ICC) you can select how many dogs you are listing and fill in the fields generated for you.

If you forget a chip you can also click on the “add another dog” button to add another entry.

VeriPet ad with Fido

By selecting Fido – VeriPet, you will be prompted to put in your first microchip. When you’ve entered the 15 digits of the microchip number you will be able to click “Confirm ownership”.

Once you enter the microchip number and hit confirm, you will be asked for the “Owners Pin” on the bottom right of your microchip certificate. Step 2.1.

Upon entering your owners pin, a one time passcode will be sent by SMS or by email. This is a 6 digit code sent by Fido to confirm you have access to the owners credentials.

Fido will then confirm your ownership and fill in the information about the sex of the dog. To add another dog you can reuse the same field about the “Add another dog”.

Once you’ve entered the 15 digits you can proceed back through the verification steps the the 2nd microchip by clicking “Confirm ownership”.

Create a new ad

You can create a new ad by navigating to My Ads > New for sale ad or by simply visiting this link when you are logged in.

Ads remain live for up to 30 days and can be bumped up to 3 times.

Updated on October 11, 2022

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  1. I was hoping to maybe add a bit more info info in my ad description, but it’s locked. Is it possible to do this. If not, that’s fine

  2. I’m trying to sell a puppy, can anyone tell me how to advertise

  3. Hi how much is it for an ad is it 50 euro per pup or 50 euro for any number in litter?

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