1. Breeding Female Dogs

If you are thinking about breeding your bitch, there is some things, which you must be sure to ask yourself first. These questions will help to make the entire process easier. 10 things to consider when breeding your bitch Is the female dog very healthy, fit, and does she have the right temperament for breeding […]

2. Dog Insurance companies

Here are some suppliers of dog insurance and puppy insurance that we’ve come across in the past. It’s worth noting that all of these providers offer something slightly different, so it’s always best to read their policies and compare them side by side. Types of dog insurance Remember that some of the insurances differences could include: […]

3. Heat cycles for breeding dogs

Here is a quick run down of how to know when your female dog is in heat. We outline the 4 distinct stages of your female dogs, also called a bitch,  heat cycle. If you are considering breeding your dog, we would strongly suggest that you get your bitch thoroughly checked by a vet before you try. […]

5. My dog drags his bottom

One question that pops up regularly on our dog forums is one about dogs dragging their bums. Be it outdoors on grass, or worse indoors on your finest carpet, some dogs will try to rub themselves on the ground. Basically when this happens it means that there is something wrong with their anal glands. It […]