Puppies as presents is it a good idea?

Last year, around Christmastime the video below became very popular. The video depicts people receiving a puppy for Christmas, many of them reduced to tears of joy. So is getting a present of a puppy for Christmas the best present you can get ? There was quite a debate from both sides saying whether it was good idea to give pets as Christmas gifts.

Receiving the gift of a puppy

You may recall the motto ‘a puppy is for life, not just for Christmas’, and most, if not all, animal welfare organisations try to deter people from giving puppies as Christmas presents.

It’s always better to base these claims on facts, and in light of a new study last year by the ASPCA (American Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) it says that yes indeed it’s okay to give puppies as gifts at Christmas [1]. The report says that a staggering 96% of people who received pets as gifts at Christmas reported it either increased or had no impact on their love or attachment to that pet. The report continued saying that 86% of these Christmas time pets were still at home, and this number is in line with animals purchased at any other time of the year.

We at dogs.ie always encourage you to source your next pet from responsible breeders or shelters. Education for taking care of your pet properly and making sure you have the right facilities for your puppy are two of the most important things to consider when thinking about a new dog. From the stories we’ve heard it’s generally families with young kids (under 5) who have particular issues with new puppies.


[1] –http://www.aspca.org/blog/yes-its-okay-to-give-pets-as-gifts