1. Beef Liver Treats

This recipe sounds a little dodgy but believe me your pups will love you for it. In fact I use these when I am training my dogs for tricks and obedience. These beef liver dog treats can be made in bulk, then frozen and used when you want. I must admit I’ve sometimes given them […]

2. Picking your puppy

Here is a quick puppy aptitude test. It may sound funny but these 3 tips can be really useful when picking your puppy. You should generally do these tests when the puppy is between 8 – 12 weeks old, as that is the time they start to show these characteristics. Each and every puppy will […]

3. Homemade Dog Treats

As an owner of many dogs, I’ve seen how expensive treats are, but I still want to give my dogs a little something special when they are good. So to avoid the costs and to keep the little pups happy, here is my recipe for dog treats. They are so simple, anyone can make them. […]