1. Microchipping dogs

Here on Dogs.ie we ask every advertiser if they have already microchipped the dogs / puppies already, it’s important to note it is illegal to sell any dog without it being microchipped. Microchipping works by putting a small passive RFID chip that’s generally enclosed in glass, under the dog’s skin near the shoulder blades. We’ve […]

3. Terminology: Pre-spoiled puppies

It’s likely you’ll see certain jargon in our dog ads, and some you may not be 100% sure what they are talking about. One question we got today was to explain what it means when an ad says that the puppies have been ‘pre-spoiled’. Generally this means that the puppies have had a lot of handling […]

4. Irish banned dogs

A support question that comes up every now and again is about ‘banned breeds’ and what are they? Technically there aren’t any banned breeds of dogs, rather there is a list of restricted dog breeds.  As with most things, the terminology you use is important. There are certain extra rules that owners of dogs that are […]

5. Our guarantee

We don’t believe in charging you for something that doesn’t have value. So for all ads we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Simply post your dog for sale ad or dog for stud ad, pay the charge, and if within 30 days you are not entirely happy, please contact us and let us […]

7. Breeding Female Dogs

If you are thinking about breeding your bitch, there is some things, which you must be sure to ask yourself first. These questions will help to make the entire process easier. 10 things to consider when breeding your bitch Is the female dog very healthy, fit, and does she have the right temperament for breeding […]

9. Tips for buying a dog online

It’s important to be aware of such dangers as puppy farms when searching for your next puppy. While a puppy may be cute and cuddly, don’t let that cloud your judgement when choosing your dog. If you are planning on buying a dog online we recommend you follow these 5 steps. Checklist for buying a […]

10. Guide to selling your dog online

If you are thinking of selling your dog or puppy online, we recommend you consider some of the following points. We’ve broken it down into selecting what websites you can use, what information to provide & what information you should ask the potential buyers of the dog(s). Online Platforms With a few quick searches you can see […]

11. Dog food online

We’ve put together a list of a few retailers that sell dog food products online. Perhaps your puppy or dog have certain nutritional requirements and they should eat a certain brand of food. Some providers only sell their own brands of dog food, while others have a selection available. Some of these sellers offer free […]

12. Dog Insurance companies

Here are some suppliers of dog insurance and puppy insurance that we’ve come across in the past. It’s worth noting that all of these providers offer something slightly different, so it’s always best to read their policies and compare them side by side. Types of dog insurance Remember that some of the insurances differences could include: […]

13. 48 Breeds of Hypoallergenic Dogs

Dogs that don’t shed and cause allergies sound like the perfect pets ! We’ve put together a list of 48 dogs, arranged by size classification, that have hypoallergenic properties. Do note that some of these breeds come in a variety of sizes. If you are looking for a hypoallergenic dog, do make sure that the breed of dog […]

15. Pet Shelters in Ireland

Here is a list of animal rescues and pounds all around Ireland. We try our best to keep this list up to date, but should you notice an error we would appreciate you contacting us. Armagh Dog Pound Address: Council Offices, The Palace Demesne, Armagh , BT60 4EL, Ireland Phone: 028 3752 9623 Email Address: […]

16. Is dogs.ie safe to use?

We employ a number of security measures to make sure that your experience on dogs.ie is as safe as possible. Some of these measures include: We verify all users by email and by phone. Users can only have one account per phone number. Users with a high number of ads need to provide extra information to […]

17. Verifying your mobile phone

Once you’ve registered for dogs.ie, we will send you an email that contains a special link you need to click on. This will confirm to us that you do in fact own that email address. Every dogs.ie account is attached to a unique email address and phone number. Once you log in after confirming your […]

19. Requesting a refund

We want all our customers to be 100% happy. So if you’ve placed an ad, and anytime within the 30 days you are not happy, we will refund you the full amount. This feature sets us apart from similar other dogs for sale websites. At dogs.ie we want you to be happy, and to come […]

22. Beagle Dogs

Beagles are small to medium sized dogs, and are well known for their keen sense of smell. Because of this they are used as tracking dogs, and as drug or money sniffing dogs. Compared with a Fox Hound, a beagles legs are shorter, while their ears are larger. Beagles are very popular in Ireland because […]

23. Responsible ownership

We at dogs.ie encourage responsible dog ownership. Our thoughts on this is that you should only have a dog if you can give it adequate care and attention while also adhering to the law (i.e. purchase of a dog licence). We urge owners to “spay” or  “neuter” their dogs to help prevent the seriously high numbers […]

24. My dog drags his bottom

One question that pops up regularly on our dog forums is one about dogs dragging their bums. Be it outdoors on grass, or worse indoors on your finest carpet, some dogs will try to rub themselves on the ground. Basically when this happens it means that there is something wrong with their anal glands. It […]

25. Buying a puppy

Tips on buying dogs in Ireland Over the last few years, there has been an explosion in the market for buying dogs in Ireland. Many people still get dogs from the various animal shelters around the country, but for people who want dogs with a pedigree, it normally means buying from a dealer. With any […]

26. Boxer Dogs

Boxers are a medium sized short haired dog. Boxers are descendants of British bulldogs, but are much easier going than their counter parts. Boxers come in either a fawn or brindle (marble like) colours, with a white bib between their legs. Boxers are prone to diseases such as cancer or heart conditions. In fact cancer […]

27. Problems with Dog Training

Here is a quick article on some of the most common mistakes done by owners when they are starting to train their pets. Remember dog training comes in many different aspects of the dog’s life, we have house training, training your dog to do tricks (fetch, lie down, etc) and obedience training. With our tips […]

29. Akita Dogs

The Akita comes in a few different species, the American Akita or the Japanese Akita Inu. A typical adult is 60 – 66 cm tall, females weigh between 35-40kg where as the males can reach up to 80kg. They come in a selction of colours, the official listing of these is Brindle, Red, Fawn, Sesame, […]