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Learn all about dogs

Welcome to Dogs.ie Information centre !

We have put together some useful guides for taking care of your dog. Be it a new puppy, or an older dog, we hope that the information you find here will help you take better care of your dog. It’s an exciting and happy time when you get a new puppy, but often people have questions about training their dog, pet care, offering your dog for stud, certain dog health issues, etc. This is why we are here. If you have question to something that’s not on here, do let us know !

Dog advice for everyone

Whether you are a first time dog owner or a seasoned breeder, there is always more to learn about your fabulous dogs breed and how to take better care of your pet. Don’t worry you aren’t alone your questions are likely to have been asked before, we all sometimes feel inadequate when it comes to minding our dogs.  I remember  when I had my first puppy and would wonder about how often he should poo, it seemed like he would go every hour, but after a bit of reading,  I found out that puppies generally go to the toilet quite soon after eating. My simple answer was to old feed him a few times a day, and take the food away in between meal times. It was a learning experience for both of us 😉

Happy family with their pet

Dogs are man’s best friend, and with a little bit of help you too can take great care of your canine for many years to come. You can start by learning by selecting one of the sections on the right.

If you do have any questions that you’d like to see covered here, you can fill out this contact form.

Want to write about puppies & dogs ?

We are also be looking for people to submit their own articles. If you want to share your knowledge about dogs, just get in touch ! 
Woof !

Paul & Team